I have such a love / hate relationship with Tumblr. I find so many inspirational sayings, poems, lyrics etc. that give me hope and strength. But because I am alone I get really depressed seeing all of the happy couples kissing and cuddling. UHG! FML!

steepyoursoul asked:
Thank you... I'm sure you will feel the same way some day. I'm incredibly lucky to have found her, and for my best friend and partner to be the same person. It's an amazing feeling :)

I try to have hope, but somedays it’s hard. I thought I had what you have, but I guess not. Losing something like that is taking me a lot longer to get over than I ever thought it would.

I always figured the LAST thing you would ever do is lie to me.

 Turns out I was right.

The last thing you did to me was lie.

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I effin’ love this video!

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